Monday, April 4, 2011

On our weekend ...

we woke up to a grey, rainy day. Hubby took the kids to tennis while I got a few jobs done round the house.

When they got home it was time to get their jobs done before heading off to the footy with Hubby. The Boy has decided to enter into a science competition and he is making a poster on colourful chemistry. He finished finding his information and started preparing some text and diagrams on the computer. My chemistry background came in handy explaining the answers at a level he could understand. The books aimed for kids didn't include quite enough information to answer the final question and the internet references were a bit advanced. Meanwhile I made it to the bottom of the ironing basket.


The Big Girl left for Canberra this morning on a school camp so we spent a large portion of the weekend packing. We went on a shopping expedition in the afternoon to pick up some warm clothes, stopping for a little snack and chat part way through.


I'd finished all the layouts for our US album Friday night so I spent some time proofing the book so I could send it off today and take advantage off some 20% off vouchers I have. Then we both went out to dinner tonite. Had some good conversation and by the time we got home Hubby was back from the footy and it was time for us to get ready for a friend's 45th party. Hubby's parents looked after the kids at our place so we weren't too late home.

Sunday morning we got an extra hours sleep with the end of daylight saving which was appreciated. Then we went to church.

The afternoon was spent doing more proofing of the photo book by me and helping The Big Girl pack her case.


Mid afternoon we met friends in the park so the girls could train for the cross country, the boys just played around, followed by a visit to the house to check out our new slab.


A quick trip to the supermarket to pick up some last minute camp essentials and for The Big Girl to pick out a treat for dessert.


Then quickly back home to finish the Zuni's bread salad for tea. Don't you love how appreciative the kids are of my gourmet cooking. They ate it up though with the promise of The Big Girl's special treat for dessert. No one wanted to miss out.


An early night for the kids, more proofing for me and some Modern family rounded out the weekend.

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