Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last Day in Singapore

This morning the nephew had a doctor's appointment near Orchard Rd so Littlest Sis and I tagged along and went into Paragon for a coffee (first one of the trip) and a yummy banana bread. Middle Sis and The Nephew met us and we did some shopping. Me, some presents for the kids, Littlest Sis some shoes.


The Nephew was high on ventolin and rather crazy.


We stopped for some Japanese noodles.


Then went back to the apartment for a last swim before packing up to head home.


***Latest News ... our flight is delayed. Dinner here then heading to the airport***

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Amy said...

I go away for the holidays and miss your travels - would you believe it, my cousin is living on Orchard Road at the moment - and is a keen scrapper!