Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just some links ...

Once again i'm linking up with Saturday Stumbles.

1. I spent Thursday night cutting and stapling to make L-O-V-E bunting for our special Easter mainly music session on Friday morning so you would think I'd be all buntinged out, but no ... DIY Compliment Bunting @ How About Orange

2. I'm in need of a good data purge.

3. These 3-D calendars (via How About Orange) seriously fun but I don't intend to make one at the moment although it might make a good time filler for the Little Girl next week ... she's on holidays and the weather is supposed to be awful.

4. There's plenty of fun printables over at the HP Creative Studio like these 3-D Hot Rod Rescue Trucks or these Monsters vs Aliens Cootie Catchers

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Staci said...

Ooooh, I SO need the post on purging data. Thanks for linking up!!