Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter sunday

Started with a visit to church. We went to an English service that was simultaneously translated into Mandarin. The songs at the start had both the English and Mandarin words up on the screens and everyone sang in their own language which was an experience. The worship leader switched back and forth between languages. Most of the service was taken up with an Easter production which was pretty good with the kids being there. They didn't get bored. The actors would switch between English and Mandarin and subtitles appeared on the screens. Little girl even got to pray in Mandarin at the end of the service.


We went back to the apartment afterwards and had lunch before heading out to the Singapore Zoo. Lots of fun although when you get in the taxi and the driver says "Oh, it will be hot up there" you know you're in for a treat.


Middle Sis took the nephew home and we stayed on for dinner ...


and the Night Safari.


A show followed by a tram ride through the dark zoo and a wander round although we took a wrong turn and missed going past the waterfall and through the rock tunnel which disappointed the Little Girl.

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