Saturday, April 30, 2011

Back with some links

Back to some regular programming round here after my holiday in Singapore. I've got 1000+ unread items in google reader, but I've found some things to share. Linking with Saturday Stumbles.

1. A selection of free fonts at eighteen25. I like cursive standard.

2. Love these tiny polaroid magnets by Ambrosia Girl (via How About Orange)

3.  When I finally get round to doing baby books for my kids (I have stuff put together and I kept journals so I'm won't be totally at sea) I'd like to put together a page like this for their birth dates.

4. Wondering whether the kids would get into making this seed tape.

5. Eating enough veges?

6. Hearing the Silence
"Despite all our highly rational arguments for or against God’s existence, a lot of the time, the issues are far simpler – more an experience than a theory. That experience is simply this: God doesn’t walk into my living room, sit down on the couch and talk to me."
I'm not sure about you but I can relate when the author talks about the difficulty of finding silence.


Michelle said...

STOP THE PRESSES. I havent read beyond hte first line. Because, truly, what ARE the chances.

I LIVE in Singapore. You just left here? Too bad we didnt "meet" sooner.

How did you find it? WHat did you do? Where did you go? WHat airline did you fly?

Sorry so many questions. LOL

Staci said...

Seed tape?! How cool! I've learned something new! Thanks for linking up :)