Saturday, April 30, 2011

Back with some links

Back to some regular programming round here after my holiday in Singapore. I've got 1000+ unread items in google reader, but I've found some things to share. Linking with Saturday Stumbles.

1. A selection of free fonts at eighteen25. I like cursive standard.

2. Love these tiny polaroid magnets by Ambrosia Girl (via How About Orange)

3.  When I finally get round to doing baby books for my kids (I have stuff put together and I kept journals so I'm won't be totally at sea) I'd like to put together a page like this for their birth dates.

4. Wondering whether the kids would get into making this seed tape.

5. Eating enough veges?

6. Hearing the Silence
"Despite all our highly rational arguments for or against God’s existence, a lot of the time, the issues are far simpler – more an experience than a theory. That experience is simply this: God doesn’t walk into my living room, sit down on the couch and talk to me."
I'm not sure about you but I can relate when the author talks about the difficulty of finding silence.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last Day in Singapore

This morning the nephew had a doctor's appointment near Orchard Rd so Littlest Sis and I tagged along and went into Paragon for a coffee (first one of the trip) and a yummy banana bread. Middle Sis and The Nephew met us and we did some shopping. Me, some presents for the kids, Littlest Sis some shoes.


The Nephew was high on ventolin and rather crazy.


We stopped for some Japanese noodles.


Then went back to the apartment for a last swim before packing up to head home.


***Latest News ... our flight is delayed. Dinner here then heading to the airport***

City Walk, Skywalk

We went for a walk around the city Monday morning.


Then stopped for dumplings and donuts.


The afternoon was taken up with cooling down in the pool. Before heading out to the Marina Bay Skywalk.


We had drink ...


and waited for the sun to go down.



We finished the night with pizza and decadent desserts ...


followed by sunglass shopping for the littlest sis.

Easter sunday

Started with a visit to church. We went to an English service that was simultaneously translated into Mandarin. The songs at the start had both the English and Mandarin words up on the screens and everyone sang in their own language which was an experience. The worship leader switched back and forth between languages. Most of the service was taken up with an Easter production which was pretty good with the kids being there. They didn't get bored. The actors would switch between English and Mandarin and subtitles appeared on the screens. Little girl even got to pray in Mandarin at the end of the service.


We went back to the apartment afterwards and had lunch before heading out to the Singapore Zoo. Lots of fun although when you get in the taxi and the driver says "Oh, it will be hot up there" you know you're in for a treat.


Middle Sis took the nephew home and we stayed on for dinner ...


and the Night Safari.


A show followed by a tram ride through the dark zoo and a wander round although we took a wrong turn and missed going past the waterfall and through the rock tunnel which disappointed the Little Girl.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

War Museums and more food.

Yesterday littlest sis and I headed off by ourselves to the Changi Museum before meeting the others at Food Republic for lunch. Little Girl loved the egg pratha and made me go back for a second helping.


Little girl, Littlest Sis and I then went to Fort Canning Park ...


and toured the Battery Box, the underground command centre from World War II. Animatronics are used to recreate the last day.


Dinner was at Jim Thomson's. Yummy Thai food in beautiful surroundings.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Quiet Day

After breakfast yesterday the girls made hot cross buns with Aunty.

The girls didn't want to come out for a walk, they were busy doing stuff.

So the three of us went for a long walk along East Coast Park. Stopped for a bite to eat and some beers, a very large beer for littlest sis.

We were hot and sweaty when we got back. We grabbed the brother-in-law and the kids and jumped in the pool.

One little man, in his own words, being angry.

Then back upstairs for a yummy dinner of fish pie and hot cross buns. Surprisingly Little Girl gobbled the pie up.

Friday, April 22, 2011


Last night we went to Raffles. We had a fun time trying to find the Long Bar but we eventually found it and after a bit of negotiation scored a table. We crunched our way through the peanut shells and cracked some nuts ourselves while waiting for our Singapore Slings. Love the fans.


For dinner we went to the Tiffin room for an Indian buffet. It was good and the room is lovely. Normally you can't go into the hotel but because we were eating there we were allowed and Middle Sis made herself at home.


After dinner we wandered out the front, took some photos then caught a taxi home for a not too late night.


Dumplings, shopping, the pool

Not a bad view from middle sis's apartment.


Looking down's not bad either.


We planned to make use of that later, but first Little Girl and The Niece got back to business. The Nephew modelled his easter bonnet. He was off to school today.


We caught the bus into Orchard Rd. First stop was Kinokuniya, a massive book shop ... and I mean massive. We kept walking round shelves and seeing another huge vista of books open up.


A bit more wandering and we wandered all the way to Din Tai Fung for dumplings.


A bit more shopping and a chance meeting with a friend in Zara. Then we headed home so the girls could get in the pool.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

We've arrived

I know i've been quiet lately. I was a bit snowed under with getting the first essay for my course finished. It was harder to go back than I thought. I just don't have the same hand anything in attitude so I may have rewritten a few times. I also had to get a bit of reading done for my next essay which is due the week after I get back to Melbourne. Little Girl helped me with turning our huge crop of cherry tomatoes into roasted tomatoes (#5 on the list)


We got to Singapore safely. The three of us got upgraded to premium economy which was pretty fine. We also got into the Qantas Club before our flight. The perks of travelling with the littlest sis. The niece and Little Girl have spent the morning drawing but we're going out soon for dumplings. I have a little break though because Annie is braiding the Little Girl's hair. The nephew has gone to school. Little Girl was great on the flight and enjoyed the hot chips and nachos in the Qantas Club before.


Got to go now, the hair's done and looking beautiful.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oven Baked Pumpkin Leek and Chicken Risotto


With most meal time preps happening when I also need to do other jobs a risotto like this one is perfect. No stirring just pop in the oven and pull it out when ready. Hit the spot for the family.

Monday, April 11, 2011

On our weekend ...

I went to class while they tidied their rooms. We had lunch. Went shopping for birthday presents, bumped into friends and visited trampoline. In the afternoon the kids watched Bolt, Hubby did work and I did research. Then we went to a 70th birthday party. My parents looked after the kids.

Sunday morning is church. We didn't stay for a coffee afterwards because we needed to come home and tidy the house. They let the stick insects out for a walk.


Before the hoards Hubby's family came for a birthday lunch. It was moved to our place from the park because of the dismal weather. We had an easter egg hunt.


And some dessert.


Next up was my littlest sis's turn +1. We chatted while the kids darted round the corner shooting with the nerf gun. Little Girl hit +1 in the head ... by accident of course. We had dinner then the Big Girl talked my littlest sis into holding the stick insects. She did OK until it started crawling up her arm. She moved pretty quick then.


Sent the kids to bed. Then watched Modern Family and NCIS.

Good bye then bed.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just some links ...

Once again i'm linking up with Saturday Stumbles.

1. I spent Thursday night cutting and stapling to make L-O-V-E bunting for our special Easter mainly music session on Friday morning so you would think I'd be all buntinged out, but no ... DIY Compliment Bunting @ How About Orange

2. I'm in need of a good data purge.

3. These 3-D calendars (via How About Orange) seriously fun but I don't intend to make one at the moment although it might make a good time filler for the Little Girl next week ... she's on holidays and the weather is supposed to be awful.

4. There's plenty of fun printables over at the HP Creative Studio like these 3-D Hot Rod Rescue Trucks or these Monsters vs Aliens Cootie Catchers

Friday, April 8, 2011

She's Back, Dinner Guests and House Guests

The Big Girl was away on camp at Canberra this week, she got home last night. Hubby picked her up and when she got home she ran straight into the kitchen and hugged me for ages ... which almost made me cry ... but she had a wonderful time. She came bearing gifts. Some for herself ...


Some for us ...



It's good to have her home.


Meet Piggy ...


He goes most places with the Little girl at the moment. Here he is getting dressed up.


The other night Little girl was helping me cook dinner. She leaned over the frying pan and said with a wry smile "Piggy wouldn't want to come for dinner tonight ... we're eating pork"


It was the last day of term today. We have some guests staying with us over the holidays.


Stick Insects from the Big Girl's classroom. Her teacher said not to worry if they die because they've had a long life already in stick insect terms ... I don't want to take an empty cage back to school hopefully they'll hang on for at least another three weeks.

March 2011 Wrap-Up

March has come and gone very busy, but good. The Boy went on an excursion to Boroondara Park and dressed up in olden day clothes. We had a long weekend down at Pt Lonsdale. Hubby and Big Girl went to Wye River for a daddy/daughter weekend with other girls from her class. Little Girl and The Boy started training for the soccer season. Hubby went away again for a boys weekend with his school friends, we bought Little Girl a violin, and the girls had their intershouse swimming sports. We celebrated my auntie's 70th birthday at the Healesville tennis club, Hubby and I went out for drinks with the year 6 parents and The Boy went to a birthday party too. I started going to cardiotennis on Tuesday's and The Boy and Little Girl moved up a level in swimming (starting next term).

Project Progress
1000 Gifts: #84-168

Books Read and Progress on 2011 Reading Challenges:

The Book Thief Take a Chance Challenge #3 task 9 (1/12); Chunkster (2/6)
The Help Take a Chance Challenge #3 task 2 (2/12)
Lake in the Clouds Chunkster (3/6); Global (2/7)

39 Things (5/39)

I started reading Anne of Green Gables with the Little Girl  (#22)
Started reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with The Boy (#30)
I started playing tennis (#36)

52 Recipes

I added 5 new recipes. I have a few that I made but haven't posted yet. Should be up to #34

I completed another 7 pages for our US album.

2 CT layouts. Build a Bear and An Afternoon in Queenscliff.

and a cover for our summer holidays album.


  • Uploaded this month's photos for backup.
  • I still need to organise my bookmarks.
  • I finished our tax.
This month:
  • I have an OT thematic essay due.
  • I'm going to Singapore over Easter. Hubby is looking after the kids.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

52 Photos: Stripe

I sent my daughter off to look for possibilities to suit the theme of stripe. She kept running around pointing out more and more things but when she pulled out these I knew we had a winner.

52 Photos: Stripe

Pina Colada Cake

I love cocktails, especially sweet, fruity ones so when I saw this recipe I couldn't help myself. It was a hit with the adults on the long weekend. The fresh pineapple made the cake really moist and it was pretty easy to make. Give it a try when you want something a little bit different and want to make a bit of conversation, everyone was quite intrigued when I said I would be bringing a pina colada cake with me.