Wednesday, March 16, 2011

On our long weekend ...

I woke up Saturday morning with vertigo which I get occasionally so Hubby offered to drive me to class which was nice because the medication makes me drowsy and not good anyway if I got dizzy while driving. He had to put the kids in the car drop me off by 8:30am the get back to the kids tennis lessons by 9am.

I managed to get a seat at the bottom of the "U" of desks so I didn't have to turn my head to look at the screen. We had the professor of NT so he gave us a fascinating overview of the setting, culture and history.

There were two functions on at church as well so we got yummy catering by the cafe for morning tea and they dropped a plate of leftovers at the end of the session which I was munching on when I left to find Hubby waiting for me.

He's left the kids at home "cleaning up" so we went home and packed for Pt Lonsdale.

We arrived down there about 3pm and relaxed.

I stirred myself from the chair to ice the pina colada cake I'd made Friday night.

The kids played with the lego, the Wii and Hubby helped cook tea.

Mum was trying a few new salad recipes which were yum.

Hubby took the kids for a sunset spa.


Then we ate cake and I went to bed.

Sunday was a lazy day. I was still feeling light headed. Hubby read a book ... a whole book in a day. Big Girl was shocked she said "but daddy never reads books"

The girls played board games and electronic games.

We ate lunch in shifts.


These two disappeared together for most of the day, reappearing for food.


The afternoon was spent in a game of monopoly. Big Girl took us all to the cleaners.


Then we headed next door to my brother's place for pizza night.


Monday was holiday ... I had to laugh when I saw Big Girl's diary.


Hubby had an early morning hit with Big Girl and The Boy


I ate leftover pizza


Then we took the kids to the beach.


Ate again


and Big Girl caught a lizard.


Drive home, unpack, eat a couple of toasted hot cross buns, bed.

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