Monday, March 21, 2011

On my weekend ...

The kids had tennis lessons.

Hubby took the two youngest to get mouthguards. I got home with the Big Girl when they were fitting them.

The we pottered around, Hubby getting paperwork done, I rang the violin shop.


Little Girl went to a friends to play. Big Girl disappeared into the garden searching for cicadas.

Then she started making chocolate ladybugs. While waiting for the chocolate to set they jumped on the trampoline. I read my book and went for a walk.


Big Girl continued with her making, The Boy cleaned the table, then we ate a BBQ dinner outside. Our outdoor dining was cut short by a visit by a pair of very persistent wasps.

The Boy and The Big Girl finished off the ladybugs and we all watched Bedtime Stories on TV.


Hubby woke the girls up early to start cross country training. The Little girl beat them both back on her first try.

Straight after church we drove up to Healesville for mum's family reunion and my auntie's 70th birthday.


My sister was wearing the same top she wore last year.

73 - Family reunion

Long drive home, a "get whatever you can find" dinner ... and relax.

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