Monday, March 7, 2011

On my weekend ...

Hubby and the Big Girl went to Wye River for a daddy/daughter weekend away with her classmates.

I took Little Girl and The Boy to tennis.


Then past the block ... they were putting in the switchboard.


Home to tidy up and have lunch.

Then out to soccer practise. The Boy spent a fair amount of time being goalie ... swinging from the goals and wearing cones on his head. Which was still better than the Little Girl who refused to take the field after the initial practises drills.


Home for yummy watermelon. A jump on the trampoline and a surprise visit from my dad for a cup of tea and some fruit cake.


Back out for Dinner Tonite. The kids had a fight about who was going to vacuum.


Then we went home and they watched The Incredibles while I did the ironing.

On Sunday we went to church. Then came home straight after and the kids did some craft.


We had lunch then walked or scootered up to the bottle shop to pick up some supplies ...


to make spiders.


Followed by a swim in the pool while I studied. It didn't last long. The pool is freezing after the cold weather we've been having.


Hubby and Hayley came back with lots of stories of junk food and wild animals. We had pizza, watched The Mentalist and went to bed.

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