Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Interhouse Swimming Sports

Yesterday the girls had their interhouse swimming sports. First up though I had to put iced cupcakes in bags to sell at the sports to raise money for the year 6 graduation dinner. Do you know how hard it is to get cupcakes into bags without smearing the icing all over the sides of the bags? Luckily Hubby was home AND he was doing the early run taking Little Girl to choir and The Boy to his school. I just had to get the cupcakes and Big Girl to school by 8:30am.

Anyway we managed and the girls seemed to enjoy themselves and the swimming even if the Big Girl spent a large part of the day gnawing on her finger nails.

The Little Girl:


  • 25m Freestyle: 3rd
  • 25m Backstroke: 2nd
  • 25m Breastroke: 2nd
  • 4X25m Freestyle Realy: 1st
  • 4X25m Novelty Relay: 4th
The Big Girl:


  • 50m Freestyle: 1st
  • 50m Backstroke: 1st
  • 50 Breastroke: 2nd
  • 25m Butterfly: 3rd
  • 4X25m Kickboard Relay: 1st
  • 4X25m Medley Relay: 4th
She was a little disappointed that her favourite event 100m breast stroke was cancelled and she moved to  the 50m. She was third going into the last 25m and only needed one more stroke to overhaul first ... she is much better suited to the longer distances.

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tamara said...

Well done to your girls. You must be very proud.