Saturday, March 5, 2011

Caught my attention this week.

Well this is two weeks in a row now and I'm linking up to Simply Staci once her post is up.  So you can pop over there if you want to check out what other people are looking at. (ed: Saturday Stumbles is now up)

1. The cutest little origami mushrooms ... or should that be toadstools?

2. Some good tips on cooking for others which I'll be referring back to next month I think.

3. Peeling back the Western Comfort Bubble by Mark Sayers
"Its revealing that when our Western Comfort  is exposed for the illusion that it is, and our fragility is brought into perspective, how quickly people get religious."

4. For Angry Birds fans: Bring on the Mighty Eagle (Doghouse Diaries)

5. The first of 52 doses of free templates, tutorials, techniques and talks from Tiffany Tillman.


cate said...

thank you for sharing these links!

Staci said...

Sorry I was late in getting it up. I usually have it up Friday night, but I had out of town friends come in and got side tracked! Woops!!

Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your stumbles!

Hope to see you again next week :)