Monday, February 7, 2011

On our weekend ...

Begin with a text from the tennis coach saying tennis lessons are called off due to the amount of rain, followed by an excited boy bursting into the bedroom to tell me that the pool was overflowing.  I thought I better go down and check the water wasn't coming into the house.  Everything was alright but the water did lap at the back door, within 30 mins the pool had turned an awful green colour.


Since tennis was cancelled we spent the morning doing homework, piano practise and the two boys went off to do some jobs before coming home and doing some packing away. The Boy was very excited to try Hubby's Yr12 blazer ... that will be him in a few years ... hopefully he's grown a bit by then. Little Girl also put her two cents worth in with Hubby playing scrabble on the iPhone.


Little Girl and I made strawberry jam in the afternoon. She led the way having made it with Grandma before. Informing me that we use equal parts sugar and fruit ... and you need to skim the froth off the top, which is good to make into milkshakes.


We went to Dinner Tonite again then came back to watch Legend of the Guardians which we hired. Big Girl is reading the books at the moment and she managed to finish off the first one in the car coming back from dinner. We watched it up in our room which requires the transport of toys, pillows and quilts upstairs.


After church, lunch and The Boy getting home from a birthday party the kids watched it again. Hubby and I pleaded off ... once was enough ... and watched some TV downstairs. The movie finished while we weren't quite finished the show we were watching so we asked the kids to stay in the front of the house. Their plea for cookies pasted onto the glass door made me laugh ... how hilarious is that. We relented and got cookies and then everyone played while I pottered around in the kitchen making bread, bread rolls and pizza.


Auntie Neenie was home today and so she came round for tea. It was good to see her again. We had homemade pizza and icecream sundaes ... yum.


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