Monday, February 28, 2011

On my weekend ...

I dropped the kids of at the in-laws at 8am. She kindly agreed to take the kids to tennis lessons for me.

Went to my first class.


Picked up the kids from the hairdresser at 1pm where MIL was getting her hair done.

Went home had lunch.

Sent the kids out to the pool.


We all made meringues.


The kids trashed the area at the top of the stairs but not entirely unproductively.


It started to rain then stopped long enough to cook the BBQ.


The Big Girl prepared a home coming surprise for Hubby.


and he finally arrived home at 11pm.

Sunday morning church.

Then out to Rebel Sport where I fought with The Big Girl about wearing a skirt to play tennis ... it just looks so cute.

Hubby meanwhile was buying the other two soccer boots.

You can tell I wasn't there ... the pink swoosh ... not practical for handing down to The Boy. Oh, but the Little Girl was so chuffed ... I'm glad I wasn't there.


Home for lunch before The Boy went out to a party.

Visited the Guide Dogs open day.


Had afternoon nap. Woke up feeling worse than before.

Had takeaway Chinese for tea. Hubby's choice.

Helped the Big Girl with her speech on a great leader ... she chose Jesus.

Watched The Mentalist. Went to bed.

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