Monday, February 14, 2011

On my weekend ...

I took the kids to tennis lessons.  The Boy won the Champ of the Week Award.

The kids cleaned and vacuumed their rooms.

Little Girl and I put the tea on while Big Girl did the Suduko in the paper.


We went for a walk.


Monkeyed around in the underpass.


Browsed at Tim's bookshop and got two presents. A birthday for Mads and naming for Jasmine.


Stopped and had refreshments


before walking home with little Girl crying for a solid 10 minutes because the other two were holding my hands ... fun.

Were greeted at the door by the smell of dinner cooked ... I love you slow cooker.

Went to church Sunday morning. Played, read some blogs. Skyped Hubby at my sister's place in Singapore.

I did the ironing ... they cooked chocolate cake.


Auntie Neenie came over.

We dropped off Mads present.

I told him to clean up this mess.


We ate carnitas.


and watched Modern Family.

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