Sunday, January 23, 2011

Trip to the City

Do you like my title?  After being down at Pt. Lonsdale for a few weeks, going back to the city is a major deal, and the extra traffic and crowds ... I could give it a miss ... but we went for a reason.  First I had to clean Hubby's sister's house that we'd been house sitting ... well Hubby had.  Fun I know.  The main reason though was to catch the train ...


which of course means questions from The Boy.

The Boy:  What are those trains doing there?

Me:  There's stopped because in the middle of the days not as many people need to catch trains.

The Boy:  Why don't they stop in the train keeping place.

Me:  That is the train keeping place.

The Boy:  Why are do they join lots of trains together?

Me:  They just join lots of carriages to one engine so they can take lots of people with just one driver.

The Boy:  but why don't they just have one really long single train.

Me:  Because then the train wouldn't be able to go round curves.

The Boy: Oh.

but it doesn't finish there ...

He can keep this up for hours.

Anyway we luckily the train ride only goes for 20 mins. Then we were in the city and made our way to the Princess thearter to see ...

Te kids really enjoyed it, although Big Girl got a blood nose. At first the only paper I could find in my handbag was thew notes I'd taken during the handover with my sister for looking after my parents superannuation ... was I glad I'd taken a snapshot of them and saved it to evernote ... salvaging what I'd written after being screwed up under a bloody nose owuld not have been pleasant. Luckily I found a couple of tissues in a pocket which allowed Big Girl to clean herself up after the blood stopped flowing.

While we were in Melbourne we took the opportunity to check out how things were going at the house.


They had stripped it and removed the asbestos in the shed and verandah and we were waiting for the gas to be disconnected.  The utility companies have 20 working days to disconnect services from the date the property is vacated which came to the 12th of January.  The power had been disconnected since before Christmas but the gas went over deadline.  Luckily we shouldn't have to pay penalties to the building company for missing our deadline to provide a clear site because they aren't quite ready to go on site.  Anyway Thursday they finally disconnected (Hubby went and saw they'd removed the meter ... they didn't bother no notify us) so demolition is now booked for tomorrow.

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