Saturday, January 29, 2011

Timeline of a demolition

Jan 25th 7:03am - We stepped out of the car to hear a crash and quickly rushed up the road to see what was happening.


7:04am - First hit through the roof.


7:06am - The Boy fascinated, Big Girl interested, Little Girl not so happy.


7:16am - the lounge room is gone


7:26am - best not to look as he gets stuck into the tree.


7:45am - dumping the wood and floor from the lounge into the dumpster.


We left at this point to go do some work.

On a side note, you should see the skill these operators have. He would knock the roof straight down into the middle of each room, then carefully knock the walls outwards. This left the bricks largely separated from the rest of the rubbish so they could be taken back to the yard for salvage. Talking to him later he said if it was brick veneer it would have taken him 20mins to knock down but being double brick and having all internal brick walls as well took a lot longer.

2:19pm - We stopped back later in the afternoon with some friends. LIttle Girl had perked up a bit and was telling her friend all about it.


The workmen were on a break ... notice the shed still standing behind the digger.


2:24pm - Notice the shed is gone. One push on the roof and it was flattened. I think the digger is actually on top of it in this shot.


2:45pm - Knock-off time ... all the big trees are down and just the laundry and toilet are still standing.


They had a break for Australia Day then ...

Jan 27th 11:52am - the house is down. Now to dig up the the foundations.


Jan 28th 3:31pm - Clear site.


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