Friday, January 7, 2011

This year on the blog

One of the things I mentioned in my goals post was a blog makeover.  I had a few things in mind so this post will be my place to hold those thoughts so they don't go floating off into the void and disappear.

The Design

  • I need to update my sidebars and move out the expired and finished projects and move in the new ones.
  • While I'm doing that I'll also declutter and make sure everything is organised for easy navigation.
  • I've been wanting to make use of pages for a while so I'll set up some of these.
  • A new blog header ... it's time for a change.
The Content
  • I want to do a bit more writing this year and already have some ideas for a series of posts so I need to bite the bullet and start writing and posting which is a kind of scary/challenging.
  • I also have projects and challenges that I'm participating in so I'd like to set up some sort of routine for my blogging so I don't fall behind and forget posts.
  • Bring back more links posts to share some of the fun or thought provoking posts that I come across on my internet travels.

1 comment:

cate said...

look forward to seeing how your blog-year unfolds