Monday, January 24, 2011

Things we do in the summer holidays #8

Hubby got back in the kitchen and made this yummy Caramel Cheesecake, with no problems at all.


We got the zoo keeper (Big Girl) to remove the stray wildlife from the kitchen.


Then we watched the rain pour down for a whole week while slowly being driven crazy by five kids cooped up inside.  A trip to the movies (at Geelong to see Tangled) or the supermarket and DVD shop provide opportunity to get soaked.


We started the world map puzzle (#39 on the list)


The clouds broke for a few hours and we decided to make the trip around the point. First we had to climb the sand dune. The girls decided to have a rest part way up.

Taking advantage of a break in the rain.

The others ran ahead and I arrived to find The Boy with his pants rolled up and his good sandles still on his feet standing knee deep in the waves. It was hotter than we expected.


Not long after this he fell on a rock and cut his leg.


We soldiered on and kept having to hurry Ruby up as the tide was coming in. We only just made it around, with a bit of help from some passing strangers. Gus managed to land himself in deep water ... literally ... he jumped off a rock and disappeared up to his chest in a rockpool. My sister and I just stood there in shock wondering if he really just did that. If we race the tide around the point again, I think we'll just take the older kids.

The second break in the weather came a few days later, so I took the kids for some exploring. There was plenty of water over the roads ... no you can't jump in that!!

No, you can't jump in there.

and mud as we explored the laneways around town.


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cate said...

I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your summer holiday adventures... I've really enjoyed seeing how your summer has unfolded.