Monday, January 17, 2011

Things we do in the summer holidays #5

The girls do nippers. The Boy is still too young, he'll start next year.

Little Girl struggled a bit this year but the instructors, who are only teenagers themselves, are so good with the kids. They coaxed her out into the water and by the championship day she competed both the swim and the board without too much help. She still refused to put her head down to swim, she says it's too deep and freaky and makes her scared. It will be much easy when she gets over that hurdle.

Big Girl had a good year this year. She really improved and even competed in the iron nipper, finishing 6th. The long distances suit her because she's slow getting out and the longer distances give her a chance to overtake people, she's definitely got no problem with stamina though. I think she would probably beat me at the moment.


We go bike riding. First we headed down to the shops for some sustenance before riding the path along the beach around to the dog beach and back.


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cate said...

wow! the views on your bike ride are spectacular! with views like that, I'd be happy to get out on a bike again!