Thursday, January 6, 2011

Things we do in the summer holidays #2

Hubby enters the kitchen ... a very scary event ... especially when it involves homemade icecream.  Why can't he at least choose something easy?

To my Hubby for future reference:

An electric mixer does not mean the stick mixer.

Beat eggs and sugar until pale and fluffy means PALE AND FLUFFY not a 3s burst on low leaving a barely mixed bright yellow concoction.

If you have then added half the milk it is not surprising that the mixture subsequently overflows the small bowl.

When you change the bowl you also need to change to hole the plate fits in ... also when you put in the beaters you need to match the shape of the beater to the corresponding picture on the mixer otherwise they will click and not mix.

It was a smart move to make sure my mum was not around to see the mess you made in her kitchen.

NOTE TO SELF: Make sure Hubby is supervised in the kitchen in future.


No seriously, it's great that he decided to make something for us all, his own little labour of love. Just one problem, this weekend he's planning on making a baked caramel cheesecake with multiple, quite involved steps.

The good news ... he managed to salvage some yummy icecream.


and the even better news ... we had a late tea that night and happened to be eating it at the time I needed to take a photo for a new project I'm joining in - 52 photos in 52 weeks.


Monica and Lisa will be posting weekly photo assignments each Thursday on their blogs and you can join in with the flickr group.

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