Friday, January 21, 2011

Slave by John Macarthur

Slave: The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in ChristSlave: The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ by John MacArthur

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"Truth be known , the gospel is not simply an invitation to become Christ's friend. Associate in battle. Companion on the journey. The Bible includes an unmistakable mandate to become His slave. This is what it means to be a Christian" - John Macarthur

John Macarthur's book Slave is a call to renounce easy religion that costs nothing and embrace the fully fledged life in Christ that calls us to die to ourselves and live for Christ. He contends that the translation of doulos as servant instead of slave has watered down what it means to follow Christ.  As slaves of Christ we have been bought by Christ and we are completely subject to his will.  The first section of the book looks in detail at what it meant to be slave in 1st century roman culture and  also the idea of slavery and freedom as related to the Jewish people. This helps us understand what the authors of the new testament are meaning when they use the slave metaphor.

After establishing that our whole lives are at the service of Christ Macarthur doesn't just leave us there but goes on to expand on the paradoxical truth that by becoming Christ's slave we are set free. Expanding on two other metaphors used to describe Christians, as sons of God and as citizens of heaven, Macarthur explains the rights and also responsibilities that attend those designations and how that relates to a life in Christ.

This is an excellent book, well-referenced and foot noted, calling us to full submission while still emphasising that we are saved by faith and it's God who works in us to achieve His will.

*I received this book through Thomas Nelson's booksneeze program*

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