Monday, January 31, 2011

On our weekend ...

We went to the Gleadell St market in Richmond and got 20kg of apricots, 10kg peaches, some potatoes and pots of basil, parsley and mint (I'm missing my herb garden).


After lunch we started bottling.



We had a break to go help at Dinner Tonite. Then I came back and finished the rest of the apricots.

After church on Sunday we were having friends over for a BBQ. I got everyone to pitch in and help get ready.


It was hot so after lunch we had a swim. I think Hubby won the bombing competition but our friends thought I punched above my weight. The kids enjoyed the double bombing.


Late afternoon I bottled peaches in between more swims ... it was pretty hot.


The total bottles were: 20 medium and 5 large of apricots and 11 medium bottles of peaches.

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