Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mark All As Read

I did this to my google reader multiple times before Christmas.  I started using google reader a while ago and first up I thought it was a real timesaver, I no longer had to keep checking blogs to see which ones had been updated.  Of course I then subscribed to more blogs and pretty soon it was out of control.  Anyone else have this problem? I finally decided it was sucking up too much time and so decided to do something about it.   I started with 204 feeds, which amounted to between 50-100 posts per day.

I used the trends button in my reader to find out which blogs hadn't been updated for 6 months and unsubscribes ... that got me down to 190 feeds

Then  I went through and filed each blog into a topic folder and decided which ones I still wanted to subscribe to.  Even with some new subscriptions added during the culling I got down to 160 feeds.

The final step was to pick 15 favourite blogs which I put into a folder called "1", then the next 15 in "2" and another 15 in "3".  This way if I'm pressed for time I can read just my favourite blogs, if I have more time I can read the next lot.  I can also choose to read in a particular topic.  This way if the unread items gets unmanageable I can easily read the items in my "1" folder then mark the rest as read.

OK, I'm not sure whether I've explained this very well ... here's a picture:

I also put MobileRSS on my iphone.  I can download the unread items when I'm on wifi and then read them offline later when I've got time to spare ... I spend a lot of time hanging around waiting for kids so this will probably be quite useful.

Next up my bookmarks.


cate said...

thanks for the idea! I didn't realise there was a way of quickly checking for blogs that hadn't been updated recently. I've just deleted 40 blogs from my 419 feeds (so I'm now down to 379!)

Photographing Mom said...

Wow! Thanks for the information!! Off to clean up my reader. :)