Wednesday, January 5, 2011

BBQ lemon and chilli chicken wings

I fell behind with blogging the new recipes I'd cooked for my 52 recipes series and in catching up I've just realised there's been a few recipes I've missed so I'll post a few in a row and try to catch up. Hopefully I can find all the relevant photos and recipes. I found this recipe for BBQ lemon and sweet chilli chicken wings on the Sweet Paul blog.  A nice easy recipe that I made back in October ... perfect for those first few early warm days of Spring when you want move onto BBQ's and salads after a cold winter.  From memeory I think I bought the chilli then forgot to put it in so maybe just call them BBQ lemon and sweet chicken wings.


Served up with coleslaw and green salad they hit the spot.  When I went searching for the recipe I found it in my "Recipes I'll Cook Again" bookmark folder, so obviously a keeper.

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