Friday, January 28, 2011

Back to school ...

a time when the supermums shine and the rest of us well ... let's just say it's a perfect storm of opportunities to display our mediocrity.

I could have gone to the shoe shop earlier but finally dragged the three of them over there yesterday.  One hour later, two experienced shoe fitters working simultaneously, and numerous comments of "ooh, we have some difficult feet to fit here" ... I'm blaming that on Hubby ... and we walk out with three pairs of new sneakers and three pairs of shoes on order.  They hope to get the school shoes in by Monday, which is fine for the girls but The Boy will be wearing his too small shoes from last year.


The Boy was back at speech therapy today. The dreaded question was asked: "Who's your teacher this year?" He didn't know and I stayed silent hoping she would assume I was just giving The Boy a chance to answer, but no, I soon had to admit that I'd forgotten his teachers name as well. We got home and there was a letter in the mail from the teacher. I just need to make sure we don't lose it before Monday so we can check the name before we go into class.

The kids have had haircuts ... one tick for me ... and I just got an email saying the girls books are ready to be picked up. I'll pick them up Monday. Since I refuse to contact that's fine and it means that there's less time for things to go missing out of the bags. I also let the hems down on the girls dresses these holidays so they won't be failing any uniform checks and they'll be respectable for photos which are usually taken in the first week back.

So a few hits and some misses ... are you generally super organised or a bit slap dash about back to school?

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