Sunday, December 12, 2010

What I've been up to ...

not sure if you've been wondering or not.  The kids finished school this week but all activities are still running.  The Big Girl has moved up to club swimming so there's been a fair bit of this ...


We move on Tuesday so a lot of this ...


We're knocking our place down and rebuilding and it looks like they'll be starting in the last week of January. We haven't put up a tree but we did get the advent calendar up. The socks have clinkers in them.


We didn't do a Jesse Tree this year but we are following the readings they gave out at church. Little Girl likes to do the honours.


I also finished a great book and need to write a review soon. I was meant to publish it on a certain date but I didn't get the book until after the date.

I celebrated my birthday and my present arrived in the mail this week.

Pip has had some good Christmassy posts lately ... 50 Edible Gifts to Make ... Printable Tags for Your Christmas gifts (unfortunately no time for me to do any of this).

A cute font I downloaded.

A good post to read ... Poverty, Oppression and Freedom.
We were designed for good: to love God, love each other, and cultivate this garden planet. Yet we’ve turned inward, self-righteously seeing the problem as ‘other’ than us.


Amy said...

Good luck with the move - I have been wondering lately why we didn't just demolish and start over ...... :-)

cate said...

ooh, I love your birthday present! I'm waiting for my almost 40 year old kenwood to die, so I can invest in a kitchen aid, although I feel like a traitor even suggesting that my kenwood won't live in my kitchen anymore ~lol~