Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We've moved ... now for Christmas

I can really only do one major thing at a time.  We've got ourselves moved and almost completely unpacked at my sister's place (who's off to Singapore) while house sitting for Hubby's sister.   So now I'm full swing into Christmas shopping ... completed for the extended family this morning ... and just a few more things to pick up for the kids.  I also picked up a dress this morning (#2 on the list) that I'll wear on Christmas day if the forecast doesn't change between now and then ... it's supposed to be warm.

Hubby and the kids put up the Christmas tree and advent calendar over at his sister's place on Saturday.


Then we met with his other two sisters for morning tea and an early Christmas with the one that won't be at Christmas lunch.

Sunday we met with my family for an early Christmas. My sister, the same one whose house we've taken over, is married to a New Zealander so she spends every second Christmas over there, which means we get together for an early Christmas dinner. It was the full deal ... turkey, pork, roast veges and plum pudding. My sister-in-law decorates the table, she's got a real knack for that type of thing. Due to a mega downpour we had to shift the tables inside my brother's man room to avoid getting soaked by the rain blowing under the roof. It was a lovely night, good food, good company and very relaxing.

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