Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dinner, Bubbles and Harry Potter ... this week's P365

The girls checking out a new recipe ... it was a winner.

Day 331- Dinner time

Conscripted small group to wrap presents for mainly music.

Day 332 - Wrapping

Of course it has to start pouring at school pickup. After two schools and drop off and pickup from squad my shoes are soaked.

Day 333 - Wet

Waiting for the girls annual school carol service to start.

Day 344 - At the Carols

He got his hair done at a fundraiser. His verdict: "I look pretty cool"

Day 345 - Mohawk

Waiting to see the Harry Potter movie.

Day 346 - At the Movies

Blowing bubbles in the backyard. another birthday gift.

Day 347 - Bubbles

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