Wednesday, December 15, 2010

39 Things to do Before I Turn 40

  1. Move into our new house.
  2. Buy a dress.
  3. Finish our US photo book.
  4. Go with the kids on a bike ride.
  5. Make sundried tomatoes.
  6. Put together a slide show of our US trip.
  7. Read Bonhoeffer.
  8. Reduce stored files by half - go paperless.
  9. Make glow cones.
  10. Finish my P365-2010 and print.
  11. Ski a black run.
  12. Throw a dinner party.
  13. Make a cupcake stand.
  14. Do Week in the Life.
  15. Sort and backup digital photos.
  16. Go bush walking.
  17. Finish and print 2009 album.
  18. Digitise APS films.
  19. Complete first set of the Riftwar Saga.
  20. Go back to uni.
  21. Make gnocchi.
  22. Read Anne of Green Gables with Little Girl.
  23. Spend an afternoon playing parlour games.
  24. Make a fancy cake.
  25. Read a book with Big Girl.
  26. Make a garland with the kids.
  27. Choose and complete a photo project.
  28. Catch up with school friends.
  29. Go for a night swim.
  30. Read another Famous Five book with The Boy.
  31. Make Icecream.
  32. Take the kids to ACMI.
  33. Go out for dinner with Hubby.
  34. Bottle fruit over summer.
  35. Put together the 2010 home video onto DVD.
  36. Play tennis.
  37. Read Jane Eyre.
  38. Make a photo kaleidocycle with the kids.
  39. Do my world map jigsaw that's been in the cupboard for who knows how long.


susanl800 said...

I was wondering if you had a specific plan to do these items. One drawback of getting older is that there are more of them to complete in the year. Now there are approx 4 items to complete every 5 weeks. I think it's a great idea, but I was just wondering if there was a firm plan or just a general 'would like to'.

Melissa said...

Hi @susan1800. I would have emailed you but your profile's not enabled. Hopefully you check back ... I guess if you're reading this you have. Anyway, more a general like to do but having it written down means I'l probably do more of these things than I would have otherwise.