Friday, December 3, 2010

38 Things

So the year is ended and it's time to recap my list of 38 things before I turn 39.

1.  Make a photo book - I got close but no cigar.  My layouts for our US album are almost finished but I'm thinking I'll roll this over into my next list.

2.  Do the Rip View Classic Swim 

3.  Take the kids to the museum.

4.  Get old school friends together - Not done, but I'd still like to do this.

5.  Grow broccoli. -  tried and failed.  I have a real problem with getting broccoli to grow.  Will probably try again but not next year.

6.  Clean out the filing cabinet - no, but I'll probably be forced to in our moving.

7.  Go see some live music - Good Vibrations tickets bought and used.

8.  Make paper cranes with the girls.

9.  Have a dinner party - no.

10.  Do some TTVF - no

11.  See a movie by myself - no.  I've only seen kids movies this year in the cinema ... very sad.

12.  Go to a new restaurant with Hubby - no.

13.  Have a picnic at Hanging Rock.

14.  Play tennis - no.

15.  Make my APS photos digital - no

16.  Enjoy sunset in the backyard ... just Hubby and me - no

17.  Make relish.

18.  Perfect the bread recipe.

19.  Go for a bike ride with the kids - no, but we did get a new bike for Big Girl and all kids bikes are now in good working order.  Will probably do this over the Christmas holidays.

20.  Go out just to take photos - no

21.  Share one of my favourite childhood books with each of the kids.

  • started Finished Famous Five with The Boy
  • started Finished Heidi with little Girl
Both kids really enjoyed this.  I started Over Sea Under Stone with the Big Girl but she was not that keen.  

22.  Ski a black run - no.  Conditions and then being sick conspired against me on this one.  Hopefully next year so I can at least take the kids out even if I can't keep up with them.

23.  Dance in public.

24.  Make doughnuts - no.  Recipes called for a thermometer which I don't have and have no intention of getting.

25.  Finally sort and backup my digital photos - no.  Something I still need to do.

26.  Read The complete Works of Jane Austen - Read Sense and Sensibility ... this one was definitely a case of biting off more than I could chew.

27.  Make a slideshow of our US trip - no but I do do some video/photo slideshows and will add this to the list again.

28.  Grow veges from my own seeds - currently happening.

29.  Make a photo display for our wall - no because we are pulling down the house.

30.  Learn something new - I learnt how to write small grant applications (does that count?)

31.  Make cinnamon buns.

32.  Photograph a stranger - no

33.  Make the ultimate 90's party playlist - no.

34.  Start at the start of Feist's Riftwar Saga - yes

35.  Spend an afternoon playing parlour games - no

36.  Take 12 self-portraits - no, unless you include the ones that I set up and then handed over the camera ... actually I'm going to include them and call this a yes.

37.  Find some coffee tables for the lounge.  - found in dad's shed, thanks to my sister-in-law's love of redecorating.

38.  Video one of the kids impromptu plays.

Even though I didn't do everything on my list I'm glad I made an attempt because I got to do lots of things that I might have let slide if they hadn't been on the list.  With that in mind I plan to do another one  for next year ... not as a must do these things but as a reminder of some of the things that I want to do in the next year.

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