Monday, November 8, 2010

Weeds, ironmen and bears ... this week's P365

They wanted to grandpa to pick up some metal from the hardware store to make their costumes ... I managed to distract them.

Day 305 - Ironmen

We're being taken over by head high weeds. No need to weed when everything will be levelled in a matter of weeks.

Day 307 - Weeds

Must start that job.

Day 306 - Packing Boxes

He's bored at swimming and wants his sister to come and play.

Day 308 - Come On

Won't be sad to see the last of the peeling cupboards

Day 309 - Kitchen

The lounge room has been transformed for electric car races.

Day 310 - The Track

Her birthday present from the aunties and uncles.

Day 311 - Build a Bear

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