Saturday, November 20, 2010

The gospel According to Jesus by Chris Seay

The Gospel According to Jesus: A Faith that Restores All ThingsThe Gospel According to Jesus: A Faith that Restores All Things by Chris Seay

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this book from Thomas Nelson as part of their Booksneeze program. Seay sets out to combat what he sees as a misunderstanding of Jesus and a dangerous focus on tallying up our rights and wrongs. I must admit before I started going to church that's what I thought Christianity was all about. I was fortunate that my introduction to church in my early twenties was at a church and with a group of people that had really grasped the grace of God and knew what it was to live it. I guess that's what grabbed my attention in the first place.

Chris Seay writes in an easy to understand style and covers quite a few important areas over the course of the book as he looks into the question, what does it mean to seek God's righteousness. These include the difference between relying on our own good works instead of God's work in us. Our tendency to label people and things as good and bad instead of admitting their brokenness and God's ability to redeem them. And also what it means to be human and created in the image of God. I felt some of the chapters finished just as things were getting interesting but I guess that leaves some room for further thought and study.

One little thing, I did feel the title is a bit presumptuous, my Hubby walked past while I was reading and commented "What does Jesus have to say". There were a couple bits where I think he pushed his point a little too far. At one point he concludes that the world is such a mess because the church is ignorant when it comes to justice and righteousness. For me that's just a little too close to the secular utopian view that most of our mess is caused by ignorance. That being said, I definitely agree that the church as a whole and the world in general would be in a much better shape if we understood and cooperated more fully with God's redemptive plans.

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