Monday, November 15, 2010

Food, athletics and HomeAlone2 ... this week's P365

Sitting up and ready for tea.

Day 310 - Bluey

I cleaned up to take photos and start the process of selling our table.

Day 311 - The Table

I finally worked out what the bubblegum smell was every time I hung out the washing.

Day 312 - Aha

Hubby in the kitchen heating up the soup when we finally got home from swimming.

Day 313 - He Cooks

I love the joy on his face as he runs the race.

Day 314 - Athletics

saturday night watching Home Alone 2. They loved it ... I could imagine him getting up to those tricks.

Day 315 - Home alone

Hubby put him to work in the front yard.

Day 316 - Shovelling

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