Monday, November 1, 2010

Bread, samples, sports and a blackout ... this week's P365

Nothing like bread fresh from the oven.

Day 297 - Bread

The rambling roses are in full flower.

Day 298 - Rambling

A new rule - they're only allowed on their own account after his sister offered to get him up to human calculator.

Day 299 - Mathletics

Spent a large part of the day picking colours, tiles, stone etc for the house.

Day 300 - Samples

The girls had their tabloid sports. Gilbert came fourth.

Day 301 - Tabloid Sports

5hr blackout, pouring rain and 10 kids, 8 adults in the dark for pizza night.

Day 302 - Blackout

This bird has made it's nest in a corner of the shed.

Day 303 - Nest

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