Saturday, October 23, 2010

What have I been up to?

There hasn't been much posting here lately, I haven't done much scrapping either.  So what have I been up to?  You can see a lot of what I've been up to represented by my P365.  I've also been ...

Acquainting myself with my iPhone.  I'm enjoying the hipstamatic app.

My creation

I have to admit I've probably also sunk a few hours in playing Bejewelled and Strategy.

We celebrated Little Girl's birthday and I made a Super Epic Rainbow Cake and iced it with this.


I've been reading a bit:

  • A well-written reminder that Christians do not look forward to an escape from the material. A common misunderstanding these days.
  • I've finished four books.
  • Little Girl and I finished reading Heidi together. She immediately took it to school to lend to her best friend so I think I can count that a success.

I've been cooking and have 3 more recipes to share as part of my 52 recipes series.

I've also been thinking a bit about how much of our family life I should write about on here. Big Girl is 11 now and I don't want to cause her embarrassment. She said I was mean for videoing her dance from her school concert and then doubly mean for showing the grandparents so I think you can understand how blogging could cause issues with her. I've decided the best course will be to get her permission to publish anything that specifically concerns her in the future.

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cate said...

I, too, have been sucked in by bejewelled on the iphone (I've only had my phone a month), and love the hipstamatic app! enjoy it!

My 12yo daughter hasn't commented about me sharing her on my blog, but has complained about me mentioning her on facebook... but I think I might talk to her about the blog anyway...