Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

A happy boy ... he found ra-ra sitting in a pram in the shed.  It had been missing for a few weeks.


Walking to school today The Boy asked me if the tooth fairy was real. I paused for a second and then decided honesty was the best policy and said no. He wanted to know what happens. I explained how mummy and daddy put the money out.

The Boy: So it's your pocket money?

Me: Yes.

The Boy: Why do you do it?

Me: Uumm, tradition? To make losing your teeth exciting and fun.

The Boy: Where do you keep my teeth?

Me: I throw them down the sink.

The Boy: That's mean, you should have asked me if you could do that.

Me: Well I couldn't, the tooth fairy was supposed to have taken them.

I asked him to keep it our secret and not tell the other kids (his sisters or his classmates)

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