Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Replay, birthday ... this week's P365

Big day for the birthday girl, pancake cake, lunch and shopping with Grandma and Grandad then her pick for dinner.

Day 270 - 9 Today

Late afternoon walk down to the beach.

Day 271 - Frontbeach

Came home from Pt Lonsdale and the other kids could finally give the presents they brought for her.

Day 271 - More Presents

A sore neck ... a sure sign of stress.

Day 272  - Heatpack

She's taken to hiding in various corners with her word search when she gets upset.

Day 273 - Hiding

Finally a result, and in our favour. Meanwhile I missed it taking the others to Sean W. Smith and then Dinner Tonite.

Day 273 - Go Pies

Pool games, diving boards and tarzan rope done ... food done ... now time for cake.


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