Monday, September 13, 2010

Spring, concert, pass ... this week's P365

Even though it's still cold, there's evidence of Spring.

Day 249 - Spring Bulbs

The big girl danced and sung to DoReMi and little girl played violin.

Day 250 - Yr 5&6 Concert

Hopefully this put's an end the the multiple daily questions of "What's for dinner?"

Day 251 - The Menu

t was almost warm today.

Day 252 - Apricot blossoms

In spite of her less than ideal lead up to her exam she ended up passing with honours.

Day 253 - She Passed

Working on my inspiration folder for the house. Need to be prepared to make all those choices.

Day 254 - Gathering

We're halfway through reading my old copy of Heidi together.

Day 255 - Heidi

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