Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Plaster Birthday Cake

Making birthday's special at our mainly music group (Inspired by a similar cake at NewHope's Junior Kids Church.)

1. Get a round box.  Mark in pencil where the lids comes down to.


2. Make up some plaster of paris according to the directions. Mix in a half cup of powdered poster paint. Add a little more water until the plaster is smooth and of desired consistency.


3. Grab a knife and smooth the plaster onto the sides and top of the box, justl ike you're icing a cake. Make sure you don't go above the pencil line you drew earlier or you won't be able to put the lid back on. While the plaster is still wet push in some candle holders.


4. Put the lid on and you have a finished cake. You could smooth out the plaster more but my actual cakes usually look more like this so I figured we'd go with the whole "homemade" look.

Day 258 - Birthday Cake

5. Put the correct number of candles in and light them. Sing Happy Birthday then blow them out.

blog cake

6. Open up and take out your card and present.

open cake

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Mackenzie said...

Such a great idea! You are a great photographer! I have spent 15 minutes paroozing your site!