Monday, September 20, 2010

First week of the September holidays ... this week's P365

It's school holidays. Welcome to our home ... and watch your step.

Day 256 - Traintracks

I took the kids in to see the titanic exhibition at the Melbourne Museum.

Day 257 - Titanic

A little craft project to celebrate birthdays at mainly music.

Day 258 - Birthday Cake

Munching on an apple in the late afternoon ... and no it's not hot today.

Day 259 - Afternoon Snack

Hubby heading off with the two youngest to watch The 'Pies in the semifinal.

Day 260 - Off to the Footy

The OT recommended he learn to touch type so today we started.

Day 261 - Touch Typing

Water restrictions have lifted and we can wash the cars at home for the first time in years

Day 262 - Cleaning

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