Monday, September 6, 2010

Exams, quotes, storms and Father's day ... this week's P365

The final push to get her project finished, due end of the week.

Day 242 - Homework

Finally the quote for our house ... now time to do some pruning.

Day 243 - The Quote

4WD comes in handy for getting out of the carpark at the snow and going off road in our front yard.

Day 244 - Mud

Exam is finished. What a relief. We can relax back into normal practising.

Day 245 - Violin Exam

Lots of fun for the kids when our niece comes to stay.

Day 246 - Sleepover

Wild weather today with flooding and landslides in the north of the state. Not quite so bad in Melbourne.

Day 247 - Storms Coming

It's early morning present time ... although after a late night supporting The Pies he probably would have liked a sleep in.

Day 248 - Father's Day

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canpeg said...

Very interesting week for your family, Mel :)