Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cleaning the Cars

Exciting no? ... well considering we haven't been able to do it at home for years due to water restrictions it is kind of exciting.

I worked on the inside ...


while Hubby did the outside.


We got the kids involved too.  They were happy because they got a little bit of extra pocket money.  A surprise for them once they'd finished.

car cleaning 3

The Boy is a bit obsessed with how things work and machines.

car cleaning 4

and what could be more fun than this huge water gun?

car cleaning 1

Not to mention a little dangerous for everyone else in the vicinity, but he managed to confine himself to spraying the car.

car cleaning2

1 comment:

canpeg said...

The look on his fun shows just how much 'fun' was intended with that machine ! Lovely week of photos, and spanking clean car, to :)