Wednesday, August 11, 2010

State of the Albums August 2010

#1 on The List for this year is to make a photobook.  I currently have a few on the go but am making a big push to get our US book finished as soon as possible.  I posted previously about this album when I started it back in April.  I'm now up to day 12 of 28 and have done 52 pages.  You can see them all here.

I am also working systematically though our family's 2009 album.  I started working backwards from the end of the year making sure I had two pages that would work together.  I have completed December and November and have a smattering of pages from earlier in the year.  I also have some single pages that I will work into the album too.  51 pages complete for this album.

I also have a few layouts done for our 2010 album.  These are mainly monthly P365 pages but sometimes I'm inspired to tell a particular story so I'll work on that.  I like to work on something that's inspiring me at the moment and not be tied down too much to completing a particular project.  28 pages complete for this one.

While it might not seem that way the US album is moving along pretty quickly.  With the journaling already done on my blog and using the same templates throughout the book the pages don't take too long to do.  I can't wait to hold something real in my hands that our friends and family can look at.


Amy said...

Making a photobook is on my list too - unfortunately I've stagnated. Pathetically I even have a large number of layouts to be printed and they are just staring back at me from this screen, it is a drawback of digital and it is frustrating me considerably!

susanl800 said...

Amazing that with all the options available to us, I've chosen the same templates (Ali Edwards' week in the life) and the same papers (Taylormade+Ashalee/wall Outside the lines) for my US Road Trip. My project had stalled a bit - the trip was in March 2007. But now I've been prodded a bit to finish. Thank you for that.