Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Snowsports Competition

We went to Mt Buller last week.  The girls competed in thier first Victorian Interschool Snowsports Competition.  I'll spare you the long version and just give you the lowlights, highlights and some bits in between.

  • Vomit count for the trip:  1 from The Boy just before we reached Yea on the way up.  1 from Little Girl in the bed at 1am Wednesday morning.  She was sharing a bed with The Boy, luckily the hotel had an emergency phone number for after 12pm ... we decided it was an emergency.
  • Spectating and queuing for races in -7C temperatures and gale force winds is not that fun.
  • Competing in skier cross is great because there is just one run ... a bonus when it's freezing and you're 6th in line.
  • Big Girl deciding not to brave the weather to do a course inspection in the giant slalom before her second run ... "It's not like they move the gates or anything"
  • Both girls improving by about 5s in their second run in the giant slalom and successfully competing all their runs in each event  ... no DSQ.
  • Lots of feral kids and parents who ignore their bad behaviour.  Leaning on the barriers at the finishing line so much that they push all the way to the ground is not OK ... they're there for your safety.  Snowball fights on crowded, ice covered steps ... also not OK.
  • It took us 90mins to dig the car out to go home.
and some photos:

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