Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Simple Sausage Supper

Time for the first recipe in my series 52 recipes.  Big Girl has changed to swimming two nights a week from 6-6:45pm this term.  We are still trying to tweak the routine to accommodate this awful time.    Anyway, on Thursday's I drop off then Hubby picks up Big Girl and brings her home but I still need something that is quick to cook or that I can leave partway through which brings me to the simple sausage supper courtesy of Stonesoup.  She has a great series called 5 ingredients which are easy and quick.

I am really, really bad at following recipes so if you want the original pop over HERE ... or you can follow along with me.  Serves our family ... 2 adults plus three kids 11, 8 and 6.  The kids probably eat about 3/4 of an adult size if that helps.

1.  Preheat oven to 200C.  Peel and cut into biggish pieces two parsnips and two carrots.  Also cut into quarters or halves (depending on size) 12 baby desiree potatoes.  Put in a baking dish with a couple cloves of garlic and toss with olive oil.  Lay eight sausages on top.  Put in the oven then go and do something else for 45 mins.

2.  Give everything a stir then add 1.5 cups chicken stock.  Now go out to swimming.

3.  Watch some swimming ... try to keep your crazy mummy in check ... stay away from the pool deck.

4.  Leave two kids at the pool ... make sure the one you bring home is the quiet one.


5. Cook something green to go with the sausages.

6. After 1hr 15mins remove the pan from the oven. Take a photo.


7. Dish it on to plates and place on table as Hubby walks into the house with 2 kids. They'll never guess you've been checking the snow report.

The verdict: Very, very easy and no grease spots on my stove so a win there. The sausages I used were a bit spicey which was an issue for Big Girl. I'll be moving this to my "recipes I'll cook again" folder, but I'll buy different sausages next time.

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Amy said...

Sounds good - we have the same issue on Mondays and Wednesdays. I've got a similar one that uses cannelini beans, chopped canned toms, oregano and feta and chorizo sausages - you can crack an egg or two over the top as well ... sounds unusual but all eat this no worries - from a Karen Martini recipe originally. I also have the same issues with adaptations of recipes!