Monday, August 9, 2010

One dead plant, worms, skiing ... this week's P365

I hoped it might recover but I think i'm going to have to admit defeat ... sorry mum,

Day 214 - Fail

I checked with his teacher and yes he was allowed to find some worms to bring in to the wormery.

Day 215 - Worm Catching

I just wish they'd stop arguing ... it's wearing me down.

Day 216 - After Swimming

Checking the reports compulsively as our ski trip approaches.

Day 217 - Snow Report

Teddy scores a homemade scarf and backpack for her attempt at the title of "Best-dressed" Bear at Kidschurch.

Day 218 - DressUps

The last thing we really wanted to do after a day skiing was join the line snaking in circles around the plaza for the bus, but no choice

Day 220 - Waiting ...

Early start picking up friends for kids church, then back for lunch and plays followed by birthday party ... where to start with the mess?

Day 221 - More Mess

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