Monday, August 2, 2010

Dragons, kids mess and lost tooth ... this week's P365

Come Monday morning I'm wishing I had taken some time to do a load of washing on the weekend or at least got the kids to pickup their toys.

(26/7) Day 207 - Mess

Left the chaos to go to church prayer night and came home to quiet and order thanks to him.

Day 208 - Thanks

She's been wanting an embroidery kit. I was wondering if I should enable her dragon obsession. Her excitement was infectious.

Day 209 - Dragons

'm taking advantage of his current love of cooking. He even insists on sifting the flour ... not something I taught him.

Day 210 - Cooking Again

We've been waiting for this day.

Day 211 - First Lost Tooth

Set up before breakfast this morning, right near the front door.

Day 212 - Toy's Cinema

My sister, pizza and three episodes of Modern Family back to back.

Day 213 - Sunday Night Tea

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canpeg said...

An interesting week, Mel. I don't think I'd want to escape through the front door in a hurry, though LOL