Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The weakest link ...

would be me.  Officially I'm following behind everyone down the runs to help anyone who falls over, I just tell them to wait for me at the bottom.  I'm still one up on The Boy ... he's not yet paralleling.  Here he is with his class on the bottom of Highway.  The top of the run isn't open but you can cut across from Main St to avoid the bumps that form in the afternoon on the bottom of Main. He's directly behind the instructor.


Most of his class are at least a head height taller or more than him. They're also older but they really look out for him. This morning when they were waiting for their instructor to arrive they called out to The Boy to get him to come and join them while they waited. I think The Boy has been entertaining them all with stories about the engines in his skis that are powered by snow.

After we picked the kids up from ski school this afternoon we let them have a run through the terrain park. I said The Boy could go as long as he just did the first jump and stayed off the rails.


The girls didn't have any restrictions.



Big Girl did all three but didn't realise there was a gap between the third mound and the rail and stacked. The other two you can just ski from the jump straight onto the rail.

After that it was time to brave the run home on Wombats which is nerve racking for me. There's people going slow and some whizzing past, insane snow boarders, stacks and The Boy insists on finding every bump and launching himself off it. Someone hit The Boy on the way down and I Little Girl and I stopped to help him get his skis back on. I was stopped above the kids to give a bit of protection and we were just about to start down again when a little girl ploughed into me and knocked me over ... all I could think about as I fell was to try not to land on her because I knew I could easily hurt her. She was mortified and apologising and luckily not hurt so we pulled ourselves back up and tried to get going as quickly as possible while numerous people around us stacked as they tried to avoid us. I just said to Little Girl get going but to make sure to go straight down at first so she didn't get collected by someone passing us. It was complete mayhem.

The run home is definitely a test of nerves when we're with the kids, Little Girl has been hit twice already these holidays but managed to stay upright both times. The kids don't seem to be phased though ... maybe they don't realise quite how seriously you can hurt yourself ... the first thing The Boy had to tell Hubby about when we finally reached the bottom was his perfect jump at the top of the run ... it was pretty good.

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Rachel said...

Great photos. I love skiing.