Monday, July 12, 2010

Skiing, skiing, more skiing and a lunch ... this week's P365

He's the smallest in his class by a big margin, so he usually get's to follow directly behind the instructor.

Day 186 - Bottom of Highway

She made this one but didn't realise the third had a gap between jump and box.

Day 187 - Drover's Terrain Park

With a lack of terrain open the instructors had to get creative, yesterday parachutes, today one ski and trick skis.

Day 188 - Trick Skis

Thursday at Falls Creek is race day. Race down the Nastar race course, presentation, show bags. My Boy went up so all 3 are now in level 5.

Day 189 - Race Day

The girls off the chair after their last run for this holiday.

Day 190 - Last Run

Unpack, wash, dry, repack for next weekend.

Day 191 - Washing

Small group lunch ... good food, good company, third load for the dishwasher.

Day 192 - The Dishes

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