Thursday, July 8, 2010

Race Day

Another beautiful day here at Falls Creek, very pleasant to ski in, but it would have been nice to have some snow.  One advantage is that we won't have to dig the car out when we leave tomorrow.


Thursday is Race Day at ski school so all the kids had a go down the Nastar race course.  The Boy got a time of 32.55 which he tells us was the fastest time in his group (not sure whether this is correct, he's the smallest) due to the rocket boosters in his skis.  We watched and he knew to tuck his poles back in and lean forward. He will also be going up to Emu's tomorrow with the rest of his class, that means all three kids will be in the same level. He's also very excited because his teacher has booked the trick skis for tomorrow. Here he is with his class and teacher Nicola. As soon as he heard it was his turn he rushed forward and claimed the position on the first place podium.


Little Girl and Big Girl will need to do a bit more skiing in Emu's. They were supposed to be starting black runs but they did get to do some fun stuff including parachute's on Wednesday and yesterday they skied with just one ski and also used the trick skis.


Today Big Girl got a time of 29.12s and Little Girl 35.84s on the Nastar course. Here they are with their group and teacher Christy.


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Rachel said...

Well done to them all.